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Feb 13, 2012


Posted in "thoughts"

No, I'm not talking about Twitter's sweet UI asset library (found here). I'm talking about business.

Question, Why do people think they need a ton of money to get a business off the ground? Business founders that immediately turn their sights on funding either have no viable business model or don't have the ability to execute themselves. I know people who are both (>_<). Of course there's always exceptions. Without the funding Facebook got it may never have grown as big as it has. But is your idea honestly the next Facebook? Don't answer that. Developers/Designers laugh at people when they come to us with the answer. It's been happening for years now. Let's put our realist helmets on and all agree that we, near a perfect 100% of us, will never build a Facebook, Twitter or Google-esque company in our lifetimes. Great! Let's continue.

A business needs money to run. We all know this. That said, how much money do you need to run a tech startup these days? With cloud computing and exponentially cheaper memory there's nearly zero reason why you would need funding in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars (at least in the beginning). No reason at all.

Keeping our realist helmets on, does anyone else think it a bit nuts to quit a paying job to work full time on a yet-to-be-proven business idea? I thought so. Don't be an idiot, start making progress in your free time. This is an investment. If you want it bad enough you'll find time while maintaining a steady income to keep your head afloat.

Don't think you can circumvent the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) process and head straight into negotiations over unproven ideas and speculation. The only way to test an idea's merit or validity is to bring it's core concept to market or a market subset. If you're a true business owner, this will often mean investing in your idea before asking someone else to. If you don't have the ability to execute yourself, learn. Being the "fat" in a "lean" startup is a tasteless move. Just because you're the "founder" doesn't give you the right to be lazy. Honestly, idea's are a "Yen a Dozen" (~A Darcy Clarke Quote). Seriously, they're easy to come by. So get off your butt and go learn what needs to be done to bring your ideas to fruition.

That's about it. Now go bootstrap the next Facebook ;)