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Jan 13, 2012


Posted in "thoughts"

Sometimes I get scared to release things or ask questions. Often times, it's because I'm scared of making mistakes and being criticized. I believe this fear has made me miss a lot of opportunities and I fight with it on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, this fear has begun to creep into other aspects of my work/life. I'm afraid to make mistakes and so I don't take as many chances. I don't ask as many questions. I'm less involved. Less useful to the community.

I think that, for many reasons, this fear is justified. In the development and design industry, you're faced with public scrutiny the minute you release any piece of work and it's extremely easy to slip up, be negative and look down upon others.

I have presentation ideas that will never come to fruition, thousands of lines of code and hundreds of projects at 50-80% completion, and last, but not least, I have over 40 blog posts drafted (and in some cases completed) that may never see the light of day.

I have no consoling words, advice or the like. I'm simply stating that there's a problem here and I hope to fix it one day.

Thanks, Darcy