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Feb 10, 2012

Front-end Job Interview Questions

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A while ago, a group of very intelligent and experienced Front-end Developers got together and created a list of great Front-end focused job interview questions. This group consisted of @bentruyman,@ajpiano, @paul_irish, @SlexAxton, @boazsender, @miketaylr, @iansym, @vladikoff and @gf3. Since it's creation, I've expanded to this list and happen to use it to help friends prepare for interviews (like my good friend Wes Bos / @wesbos) or to interview developers myself.

To note, I think that it's only necessary to choose a handfull of questions from this list to get a good sense of a candidates capabilities and fit. The most telling questions often relate to what a person does in their free time. Asking about Twitter & Github Accounts, RSS feeds, Personal Blogs and general community involvement will tell you a lot about whether or not this person will stay up-to-date and is passionate about their work. The last group of questions will definitely let you know if the person's got a sense of humour.

Hope this list helps some people and, if you do use it, make sure to give credit to the folks that contributed (listed above).

Note: I've posted this document up on Github so that you can add to it if you want. Here's the link: https://github.com/darcyclarke/Front-end-Developer-Interview-Questions

<div class="paper">


General Questions:

HTML-Specific Questions:

JS-Specific Questions

### JS-Code Examples:

Question: What value is returned from the above statement?
**Answer: 3**

&lt;pre&gt;`&quot;i&#39;m a lasagna hog&quot;.split(&quot;&quot;).reverse().join(&quot;&quot;);`&lt;&#x2F;pre&gt;
Question: What value is returned from the above statement?
**Answer: &quot;goh angasal a m&#39;i&quot;**

&lt;pre&gt;`( window.foo || ( window.foo = &quot;bar&quot; ) );`&lt;&#x2F;pre&gt;
Question: What is the value of window.foo?
**Answer: &quot;bar&quot;**

&lt;pre&gt;`var foo = &quot;Hello&quot;;
(function() { 
  var bar = &quot; World&quot;; 
  alert(foo + bar); 
alert(foo + bar);`&lt;&#x2F;pre&gt;
Question: What is the outcome of the two alerts above?
**Answer: &quot;Hello World&quot; &amp;amp; ReferenceError: bar is not defined**

### jQuery-Specific Questions:

CSS-Specific Questions:

Optional fun Questions:

&lt;li&gt;What&#39;s the coolest thing you&#39;ve ever coded, what are you most proud of?
&lt;li&gt;Do you know the HTML5 gang sign?
&lt;li&gt;Are you now, or have you ever been, on a boat.
&lt;li&gt;Tell me your favorite parts about Firebug &#x2F; Webkit Inspector.
&lt;li&gt;Do you have any pet projects? What kind?
&lt;li&gt;Explain the significance of &quot;cornify&quot;.
&lt;li&gt;On a piece of paper, write down the letters A B C D E vertically. Now put these in descending order without writing one line of code.

&lt;li&gt;Pirate or Ninja?