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Standardizing Serverless Deployments /w .Architect


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Episode #0 - sonar

Episode #1 - .architect

Brian Leroux

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Manual setup & provisioning of infra sucks

Standardizing Serverless
Deployments with .architect

The problems it tries to solve...

  • "Manifest checked into your revision control system so you can version your infrastructure beside your code"
  • "Tooling for managing the manifest-based infrastructure"

.arc is a plaintext manifest file

Infrastructure as text

Architecture as text

The existing ecosystem

AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) Template


Terraform HCL


  • Deep proprietary knowledge is required to configure and maintain common infrastructure primatives
  • Painful manifest files; JSON and YAML are not ideal
  • Tooling was designed for the last generation of metaphors


this is an .arc file

The schema is...

  • Comments start with #
  • Sections start with @

@html defines text/html routes

A Lambda function wired to API Gateway handles requests to /.

.arc is Expressive

Workflows supported: @html, @json, @events, @tables & more....


Getting started...

  • 1. Start your node project: npm i
  • 2. Install .architect: npm install @architect/workflows --save
  • 3. Add config into your package.json
  • 4. Create your .arc file
  • 5. Create your app: npm run create
  • 6. Deploy when necessarry

What's next?